Jerry KalbJerry Kalb has been involved in the mechanical engineering and specialty property restoration for more than 48 years. While decades of this experience is related to non-insurance related activities, his strength in understanding and designing of efficient mechanical and work processes, chemistry and physics lend very well to the specialized knowledge he possesses.

As the chief engineer and builder of the largest vacuum freeze drying chambers on the continent (second only to NASA), Jerry possesses a unique understanding surrounding the physics related to sublimation and its responsible use. Jerry continues to provide large and small scale vacuum freeze drying services on a subcontract basis.

Jerry has a strong understanding of chemical application and efficacy within the restoration industry and has been involved in complex restoration processes involving the decontamination of corrosive and toxic chemical spills.

While Jerry’s quiet and confident demeanor has kept him in the background, few would question the quality of his expert understandings and ability to communicate them skillfully.