Who do you turn to?

When insurance representatives insist upon unreasonable, incompetent, or even dangerous practices and price concessions, how do you explain that what they are suggesting is impossible? How do you manage consultants who challenge what you know should be done on the job? Are you tired of dealing with auditors who play arm-chair quarterback after the job is done and “recommend” hefty price reductions? Do you regret participating in insurance program work, TPAs, or referral services, and question whether it’s worth it? How often do your own project managers question how to proceed on a technically challenging job?

Who do you turn to when you need an expert’s opinion? Restoration Expert Panel can help.

REP can be your company’s competent voice in the face of bullies, helping set matters straight fairly. REP can assist your project managers when they have technical questions, helping ease the stress of a tough project. REP can help quickly resolve those occasions when a critic renegotiates an invoice, saving you thousands of dollars.

The Restoration Expert Panel mission is simple.

Through a collection of the most qualified experts in the structural restoration industry, REP will provide support and guidance in the delivery of competent craftsmanship and promote fair, ethical business relationships. In so doing, REP will be a leading advocate for structural restoration being a “skilled trade” deserving of the benefits commonly enjoyed by skilled craftsmen.

Restoration Expert Panel was developed as a division of the International Dry Standard Organization, Inc. in 2016 as a result of a consistent demand for assistance in resolving disputes on restoration projects. It was apparent that the nature of the disputes were frequently the result of a poor understanding of the needs of the project and the industry standard of care. It could be any entity within the debate that possessed this misunderstanding and by representing the needs of the project, a fair settlement was easier to produce.

The experts within REP are seasoned professionals, each with decades of experience in their field of expertise. Additionally, many of them are skilled internationally renowned instructors and authors in the trade of structural restoration. REP will work with any materially interested entity related to their structural repair concerns.