Offering large loss technical guidance and drying documentation services.

Did you just have an unusually large or complicated project drop into your lap? Does this make you nervous or uneasy? The experienced REP experts can help.

Call or text us immediately and we will discuss if the project is suitable for our involvement.

It can be significantly beneficial to have an industry expert present and in support of your processes. The expense of the REP expert might be covered under the terms of the policy.

When desired, REP experts can provide drying documentation services using the IDSO’s DryStandard Report Software, the industry’s most comprehensive and scientifically intense drying documentation. This is one of the most important documents in the restorative drying project file, and REP’s experts can produce it on your behalf. A REP expert can even provide you with the restoration documentation services necessary to reduce the debates after the job is done. You are encouraged visit Dry Standard Inspections (DSi) to learn more.