If you are one of the conscientious service providers involved with the restoration industry, Restoration Expert Panel would like to stand beside you in defense of your excellent processes and craftsmanship. 

We represent the needs of the project; not the unbalanced desires of the individuals involved. Therefore, make no mistake… if the REP expert cannot support the process being discussed as a reasonable and customary practice, then they must declare this fact.

If you are confident that your processes are defensible, we would be pleased to be your supportive and authoritative voice to those who would disagree. For a low annual fee of $1200.00, you can have one of REP’s experts dedicate time to reviewing and communicating with those who would debate you.

Step 1: Call or text REP at 817-542-1189 to speak with Ken Larsen about your challenge. Usually a brief overview of the project is sufficient to determine if REP can help.

Step 2: If REP can help, a contract will be emailed to you for your consideration and your payment information will be collected.

Step 3: Once the contract is signed and payment information is collected, just email the complete project details to REP and a strategy will be tailored specifically to your project.

We look forward to helping you!